Our Talent

Kyle Petersen
The Guy Who Does it All !

Kyle can trick rope with the best of em, but if you want  to see circus skills and thrills he can do that too.  Kyle hosts a full 45 minute show filled with plate spinning, juggling, cigar box stacking, unicycling and more. The show is smart, family friendly, and interactive.

Request the character that bests suits your event:

Cowboy Kyle -The Reno Kid

Captain Red Beard  - The Land Locked Pirate,

Mr. Kyle - The Unicycle Guy for circus fun.

Kyle Petersen for adult events 

Kyle's credits include The  Late Night with David Letterman, The Colbert Report, The Today Show, regional commercials and  stage shows across the country.

Kyle is available for ambient and event entertainment as well as stage shows.   

       Fast Draw
   Sheriff Shawn 



Sheriff Shawn is a fast-drawing, quick-handed gunslinger.  He can spin, toss, aim and shoot like the baddest-good guy you’ve ever seen. Shawn has been entertaining dinner theater guests for several years as well at the governor of Utah!

Shawn is available for ambient, party and event entertainment as well as productions and stage shows.

 The Legendary
     Mark Allen


Mark Allen is a staple in the Las Vegas Western Scene. Creator of The Wild West Arts Club, Wild West Arts Convention, and  producer of The Las Vegas Comedy Festival,  Mark has been entertaining Sin City for over 30 years. He has coached numerous A-list Hollywood stars in the Western Arts, as well as being the official whip cracking coach for Cirque Du Soleil.  Mark is also  the go-to western guy on The History Channel's  Pawn Stars.   From guns, to whips to ropes, he’s a cowboy like none other. 

Mark is available for classes, personal coaching, lectures and stage shows. 

 Dancin' Dames
The Chi-Ciones


 The Chi-Ciones are a hot stepping, high-kickin dance troupe that can-can step in time to whatever your event desires. These professionally trained jazz and character dancers are sure to entertain. The ladies impressive resumes include Broadway, TV, videos and shows on The Las Vegas Strip,  The troupe has classic can-can saloon girl sets as well as cowgirl dance production numbers that will make you say Holy Cow!

  Colossal Cowboy
  Charlie the Clown 


Charlie the Clown will warm your heart and put a smile on any child’s face. He is the master of all things classic: balloon twister, face painter, plate spinner, and of course let’s not forget that he can walk on stilts, juggle and spin a rope. Charlie started in the biz in 1985 touring with the iconic Ringling Brothers Circus. Since then his life’s mission has been to entertain children of all ages.   Suited up on his signature stilts, from white tux and top hat, to a red, white and blue extravaganza, to Mardi Gras jester, Charlie always stands out in the crowd.  Charlie is available for ambient party work, parties and private events. Charlie will deliver the look you desire including Cowboy Charlie!

Crooning Cowboy
  Chris McDaniel 


 All-around cowboy and Will Roger’s Follies super star Chris McDaniel will croon  "Give a Man Enough Rope” as he Texas skips right into your heart. With over 30 years experience in the Western Arts, Chris is as charming as he is talented as a master of the trick rope and a wonder with the whip.  Chris is available for stage shows and can host your event as well.     

       The Great Throwdini
Knife Thrower Extraordinaire 


The Great Throwdini is one of the world’s most decorated knife throwers. He has the Guinness World records for throwing the fastest, farthest, and most accurately.  Known for being one of 2 knife throwers in recent history to do the double veiled wheel of death, Throwdini has truly carved out his place in history.   If you want an adrenaline-filled act that will leave your palms sweating and your audience begging for more, then Throwdini is a must.  The Great Throwdini is available for full-scale stage productions and private parties.